Wednesday, May 8, 2013

QCR QAL: Blocks are all done!

Here are the last two blocks of the QCR QAL: #11-Drunkards Path and #12-Spools.  These are my scrappy versions.

And here are my official versions.  I was worried that I wouldn't have enough fabric for the last block.  So when I saw how scrappy the spools were, I had to chuckle.  I could make that work easy-peasy.

Taa Daa!  Here are all the blocks together!  I just laid them out in the order they were made-from what I could remember without looking it up.  I love it!

And the scrappy version.  I'm happy with this version too.  I'm glad that I decided to make two versions as I did make a few adjustments here and there before doing the "real" blocks.  And now I have another quilt!  A couple of my most favorite blocks would have to be the log cabin and the star (the #10 one).  But I do like them all!  

Now-the hard part- how to put all these pretty blocks together??  Jenny made up a really neat curved border to put around each block.  But I don't have enough fabric left to do that with my official version.  So maybe the scrappy version??  mmmm.  maybe not...  I guess I could actually BUY some fabric to do it, but I'm not sure what I'll do.  What I will probably end up doing is stashing my blocks away and wait to get some inspiration from everyone else in the Flickr group.  :)  

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Karen said...

I really do love these blocks. I like the official version the best.
Would straight sashing look to 'harsh' against all the curves or would it be a nice contrast? Solid sashing?

wombatquilts.com said...

Both these quilts are great. I am in love with sampler quilts and these are a fabulous example of why.

sharpie said...

Really beautiful! Love it when things work out!

Katie Rock said...

love your official blocks! Maybe we can pow wow sometime on how to tie them together