Friday, July 26, 2013

Aunt Connie's

This quilt is another Mom-Sister-Me collaboration.  Except I barely sewed anything- just a few QST units together.  My sister did the applique a couple years ago while on bed rest with kiddo #2.  Mom supplied most of the fabric and I think and probably did a lot of the piecing.  Me?  I did the quilting of course!  The pattern was in Fons & Porter.  I'm not sure of the issue, but I'm guessing summer of 2011. 
The quilting really blends in, but I did a free-motion flowers/swirl in the pieced part.  Feathers in the flowered borders...

And kept it simple with a meander in the applique background.  This is for my Aunt for her 65th Birthday!  I think it turned out very pretty and know she is going to love it!
Here's the back where the quilting is a bit more visible.

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