Friday, July 12, 2013

Katie's T-Shirt Quilt

I *almost* forgot about this one.  I quilted this one up back in early May, but it got buried in my photo files.  Ahh well!  My sister Katie made this T-shirt quilt using up shirts from her high school and college days.  It was fun to do - partly because I had/still have a few of the same shirts (one I still wear regularly!)  and could reminisce as I quilted.  

And also partly because I could just go wild with the quilting!  

The always slightly inappropriate college dorm floor t-shirt...

The light gray backing shows off the crazy quilting pretty well.  
(Those lighter lines are from the lovely vertical blinds btw)

Enjoy your T-shirt quilt Sister!  

I wonder---I could probably make one out of some of my old college t-shirts...  Uh oh.  I think I just added another sewing project to my list!

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