Thursday, September 5, 2013

do. Good Stitches March Quilt: Completed!

OK.  So the pictures of this quilt top are blurry.  My kiddo got a hold of my camera one too many times, and now I have to fiddle with the zoom sometimes to get it to focus.  Plus it was 100 degrees out and super bright outside and couldn't really tell how terrible my pics were until it was too late.
Anyway, this is the Haven do. Good Stitches March quilt.  The gal who was supposed to put the quilt together was not able to so I stepped in to finish it up.  I do recall thinking when she had us make the blocks any size we wanted to, "that's crazy.  Have fun putting those together!"  Well, the joke is on me then since I ended up being the one to put it together.  But it actually wasn't all that bad really.  I had pulled some bold colored prints to fill in the blank spots, but decided that it was pretty wild already and what it really needed was some negative space.  So good old white it was! 

I threw in a few little 4-patches I had leftover from another project (my Christmas triple 4-patch quilt that just needs binding.  So stay tuned for that post.) just for the heck of it. 
Love the little critters in this quilt...

I did make this pinwheel block to fill this spot up.

The back.  A solid peachy/orange.  I was a little short with my red checkered binding, so I used a yellow check to finish the job. 

And the label.  I thought these birds went well with the critter theme of the quilt and they matched the back really well too.  Now it's on its way to Rochester, NY to a women's shelter.

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knottygnome said...

you did a really great job putting it together. the quilt looks fabulous! thank you so much for finishing it.