Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Harley T-Shirt Quilt

A few weeks before Christmas I was asked if I could quilt and bind a quilt by Christmas.  I was pretty much caught up with my quilting (well, the stuff that HAD to be done by Christmas anyway)--I just had my own handmade gifts to do, so sure, I could do it.  I didn't know it was a Harley Davidson t-shirt quilt until I got a hold of it the next day.  Oh yeah!  I knew how I was going to quilt it right away. 

Kodi was the maker of this quilt.  A first-time quilter I hear!  She 'stole' her husbands shirts and when he asked about them she said she gave them away.  This quilt was going to be a surprise!

I quilted a pointy-paisley-ish swirl all over that looks similar to painted motorcycle flames.  Oh yeah! 

Since it was a pretty dark quilt, I used a charcoal colored thread throughout the quilt. 
It turned out pretty neat I think.  I decided to to make an attempt at putting on the binding with my longarm.  It's something that a lot of longarmers do quite a bit and although I have wanted to give it a try on one of my own projects, I always seem to forget about it until it's halfway off my frame.  So why not give it a go with a first-time customer's quilt that's a slight rush order??  That seemed perfectly logical.  Well, I used my channel lock which was a huge pain in the rear.  It's really hard to adjust it ever-so-slightly to catch a seam that was ever-so-slightly short.  I found out later that you should really use a ruler instead.  But it turned out just fine. 

 Anyway, we found out well after Christmas that our husbands actually know each other.  And when they saw each other a few weeks ago, it was reported that he just LOVED the quilt and it's just the most beautiful quilt he's ever seen!  lol.  Glad to be a part of the surprise--Thanks Kodi!

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