Wednesday, October 1, 2014

A Baby quilt receives a second life

This baby quilt has a long story behind it.  It belongs to my brother-in-law, and is about the only object he has from his childhood.  He found it stuffed in an air duct in his father's house, after he had passed away.  About 80% of the embroidery was gone, only a few faint lines remained.  Since this was so special to him, he had my MIL work on it and fix it up.  She filled in all the embroidery (something she had never done before) and added strips around the outside to replace the damaged edges.  Then she backed it all with a thin iron-on interfacing to help stabilize the now very thin fabric.  

I think by the end of this project, my MIL has become pretty good at embroidery!  To quilt it I just echoed the animals a couple times and filled in the rest with a simple meander.

I didn't do much quilting in the animals, just a couple of the bigger ones.  This is one quilt that won't see much use, so I wasn't super worried about leaving those larger areas unquilted.  The back is a baby blue flannel and the batting, Hobbs 80/20.  Now it is all fixed up and ready to last and be cherished for another 40+ years.

So there you go!  Another example of a quilt that changed someone's world!


knottygnome said...

what a wonderful story and the embroidery looks fantastic! how lovely that the quilt will live on.

Anonymous said...

A real keeper! Does he have any idea who the original maker was?
~ Mom