Friday, October 24, 2014

Do. Good.Stitches Haven

These were my blocks for my DGS Haven group in September.  Emilee had us make two separate blocks. Another scrappy trip block using lights.

And this one (I don't know what its called).  She just wanted us to use black and bright colors for the 4-patches.

And then it was my turn again for October's quilt. I had purchased several yards of this zig-zaggy fabric at Hancock's a while ago knowing I would use it for a DGS quilt eventually. But what to do.... Something with lots of angles... hmm.  Arrows! I came across a neat block, but there was no free tutorial for it. So I eventually settled on this block called Quills and Arrows from Quilter's Cache.  

(spoiler alert: I made one pinwheel red just for the heck of it. Noone else is allowed to use red :P )

They are paper pieced, but pretty easy to do. I managed to get mine all sewn together in less than an hour when *miracle of all miracles* both kiddos were napping at the same time!  That never ever happens!  Blocks are about 5.5 inches square so everyone is to make 10 blocks. And they are already slowly trickling in.

If you decide to try this block out these are the sizes I used for cutting out each piece.

1- 2.5 by 6.5 inch rectangle
2&3- 5.5 inch square on diagonal
4- 4 inch square on diagonal
I made a paper template of the triangles so I could quickly see if a scrap that wasn't big enough to get a whole square out of would work for a single piece. 

And that's what I've been sewing on lately!

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Anonymous said...

My,you've been productive! Love your arrow blocks - we'll have to try those sometime! (Which reminds me we need to get started on Shirley's quilt before too long!)
~ mom