Thursday, September 17, 2015

Mary's baby quilt :: Double threading my machine

Mary made this adorable baby quilt for her newest granddaughter. 

I did an all-over cury-Q with hearts design in a light gray thread.

She wanted me to put in her name and birthday on it too. She also mentioned maybe some elephants since her room is decorated with an elephant theme. 

I did an image search for 'elephant doodle' and found something super simple yet cute that I could do. This is what I came up with- I think he's pretty cute!

Angela Walters had recently had a post about double threading her longarm, so I thought I could give it a try.   I thought it would make the words stand out more, so I Mcgyvered a way to double thread my machine. The usual thread cone is on the left, and the right side is my contraption I came up with. There was a hole in the handlebar there, so I hot-glued a wooden dowel into it. but the dowel was too tall and the thread got wrapped around it, so I put and old thread cone over it and solved the problem. I used a pair of pinking shears as my thread guide with a piece of packing tape to hold it in place. 

A little silly looking, but Hey--It worked!!

A peek at the back.

Thanks Mary- I learned a few new tricks on this one!


Karen said...

I think double threading would look cool for an all over design. Add some interest especially with contrasting colours. With a solid background especially.

Becki Petersen said...

That's my girl! Looks like it worked quite well.