Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Selvage Table Runner

I completed one of my own projects recently with my selvages. I made a table runner. It's about 70 inches long and about 20 inches wide.

I started saving selvages several years ago because I had seen some really neat projects with them on the internet. So cut a whole bunch of 6.5 inch squares out of muslin and started sewing them on. A block here and a couple more there, they are kind of addicting to make once you get going!

So I kept all my blocks in my set of drawers, which my little 1 year old would take out and scatter all over the place. Every. day. So I eventually got tired of picking them up and thought I should just sew them together already and end this mess!

Once I had the layout decided, it went together super fast. I pressed my seams open--they are pretty bulky. I quilted straight lines along the selvages about every inch apart so it is barely noticeable.

So there it is. My selvage project is DONE! So why do I still have a drawer FULL of selvages??!

Linking up to the Selvage Along by Sparrow Lane Quilts. Yeah, if you think this table runner is cool, you should see her feather table runner. Pretty awesome!


Feathers in my Nest Debra said...

Very pretty with all the colors..Congrats on the finish..

Renee said...

What a fun project! Looks like you used up a bunch of selvages!