Thursday, March 31, 2016

Carol's Red Stepping Stones

Carol brought this embroidered masterpiece over. I usually love custom quilting these embroidered blocks, but I really struggled to come up with a custom design for this pattern.  The red areas were a bit too large to leave unquilted and how to quilt the rest without a ton of starts and stops.  Plus the blocks are large enough that I would have to advance the quilt up and back down for each block.  The more I thought about it, an overall design seemed like the right idea.

I quilted an overall swirl inside an eye-shape with feathers around it. A feathered eye swirl.  That's what I'm going to call it!

I saw a video online somewhere of this design, but I cannot recollect where.

Here you can see it better.

And she loved it!  Thanks Carol!!


Vic in NH said...

Mercy, what a lot of work Carol did! Your quilting on it looks great, too.

Becki Petersen said...

Good choice on the quilting. It looks fabulous! A very pretty quilt you made, Carol.