Monday, March 7, 2016

For Sale!

It all started with my SIL. She has a friend who works in an interior design store and frequently discards old home dec samples. She thought my SIL might want them as she is an art teacher.  Well my SIL decided these samples were way too nice for kids to shred up into pieces. There are silks, linens, really pretty and high quality stuff.  So we decided to make some bags out of them to try to sell them. We got together one weekend and made up a few items to post on my sister's Etsy site- TickTocQuiltShop.  You might notice the button link on the upper right corner of my blog.

I made a couple over the shoulder purses which feature a large outside pocket, elastic/button closure, full interior lining and a large interior pocket.

I also made this wine tote. It can hold 4 bottles of wine-perfect for taking along to a party or fill it up for a great gift idea.


And then there is this giant pillow! On a whim I made a 26 inch floor pillow cover using a portion of my blue scraps.

One side is improv pieced--

The other a rail-fence sort of.  All sorts of fabrics and prints representing various shades and hues of blue. Fabrics used are all quality cotton. Each side is quilted and put together with an invisible zipper so you can easily remove the pillow insert (not included) and machine wash and dry.  A truly unique work of art for your home! You are not going to find anything like this out there!

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