Monday, March 14, 2016

Gretta's baby quilt

This quilt is one I made for my baby girl, Gretta.  She's 21 months old now, but I finally got her baby quilt done! I did start it before she was born, got the top done while she was a baby, then it sat in my cupboard for a year or more while I worked on customer quilts.  I got a small break in customer quilts this winter and that's when it was time to get this one done!

A little bit about how this quilt came together::
I used to improv piece all my same colored scraps into 10 inch blocks until I had so many, I stopped, and I kinda got burnt out on it too. (it takes a long time-and a big mess- to sew all those tiny pieces into a 10 inch block!)  I made several baby quilts for others with them, but I got tired of making the same quilt, (like this one, this one, these, and this one) until I thought to use them to make HST's  and make a very large quilt block out of them. I was inspired by one of Ann Marie's blocks in her Vice Versa series for this quilt.

I had to have my sister help me figure out what size to cut out the smaller sections. My pregnant mind couldn't come up with the right numbers, but honestly I have troubles figuring that stuff out anyways!

I outlined the white star, then filled in with swirled pebbles--each colored quadrant in it's matching thread color.

My son had to have a turn quilting, so I let him have at it in the purple section while I blocked off the white part from him with a ruler.

Gosh, looking at this now makes me want to make a large queen or king sized quilt this way!

I just love how it turned out! I love how each little scrap reminds me of a project I or someone else made (they aren't all MY scraps originally!)

The back is flannel.  I bought the large animal print before I had any kiddos and had been hoarding it for years until I had my little Gretta.

And here she is--my sweet little sunshine!!


Becki Petersen said...

That is so cute! I even recognize a few of the scraps! And, I love the little feet in your photos. Grahm will take pride that he even got to quilt part of Gretta's quilt!

Sharon said...

I love this quilt!