Tuesday, September 20, 2016

DGS- Homebase

Finally done! I was in charge of May's do.Good Stitches quilt for our Haven circle. This pattern is called 'Homebase' from Blossom Heart Quilts blog. I had the gals use grays, whites and a light and dark of a bright color for the diamonds.

quilting it was pretty fun too.

I considered adding a border, but ended up leaving it as is.

the frames matched up really well for how many different sewers were involved in this. Haven-ites are awesome that way!

I bound it with the same backing fabric. I had some experts help me with that decision.

I should add that my MIL also helped by hand stitching the binding on for me.  She was glad to do it and I was glad to have it completed that much quicker so I could send it on to Redeemed Ministries in Round Rock Texas. Many hands were involved with this awesome quilt. Thanks to all!


Jessica said...

Very nice, Jenny and gang!
Love the contrasting fabrics and beautiful quilting!

Jenny Schechinger said...

Thanks Jessica!!