Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Katie's Drunkards Path- You've never seen one like this!

Katie made this amazing Drunkard's Path quilt using odd shaped curves and assembling them in a random fashion. She used quite a contrast of solid colors- bright red-orange and gray.

It took me a while to find the right 'orange' thread, but eventually settled on a coral. Gray was no problem- I have 3 shades of that on hand already.

I wanted to do 2 different textures and decided on a jaggedy/fire-y for the orange and pebbles for the gray.  I was thinking of lava fields perhaps?

My fingers.  For scale purposes.

A lot of the areas were connected, but there were a few "islands". I started by doing all the orange areas, then started from the top again with the gray.

The back.

The solid area of the back is pretty neat too.

Thanks for this unique one Katie. It was fun!


Karen said...

That is really cool. How did she get them to match though? Did she cut them in pairs?

Katie Rock said...

Yeah kind of - I used two templates and cut half the blocks with each. I had to cut one orange square for every gray square.