Thursday, September 22, 2016

Teresa's framed squares

Teresa sent me this neutral colored quilt.  I knew I had to come up with something neat for those big blank squares. I really struggled coming up with ideas- especially for those double sashings. But I think what I ended up doing worked out really well.

I even have snapshots of how I did it! I first marked the center lines-both ways. I use a water soluble marker. I believe these squares were 10 inches squares from a layer cake to start with, so they are 9.5 here.  So my lines were made at 4.75 inches.

To mark my points, I ended up making a cardboard template. A simple square was not going to work here because the marks in the corners are shorter than the horizontal and vertical ones. So I just lined up the lines on my template with the ones marked on my quilt and put dots all around on each point.  From there I freehanded the design starting from the center and hitting all my marks.

For the sashings, I made another cardboard template that was 1/4 of the length of the block to mark my two points from my center line that I already marked.

From there, it was ruler work down and back,
and down and back,
and down and back,
and down and back.
Then over and back, 
over and back....

Oh yeah, I also SID around each big square and 4-patch unit.

Enjoy your quilt Teresa! It's a keeper!

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