Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Luann's Sailor Baby Quilt

Luann made this adorable sailor themed baby quilt. Originally she was going to give it away, but decided she really loved it so much she decided to keep it for someday.

She requested anchors so after a little internet searching and practice time drawing, here's my anchors.

It's always amazing how different a block can look just by rearranging the fabrics.

The blue back shows the quilting nicely.

Anchor's away! Thanks Luanne!

Monday, September 26, 2016

A couple HST quilts from Lois

Lois made these two nice throw quilts. This first one I did all over feathers.

This black white and red one I did a paisley design to go along with the red bandanna prints. 

I swear I did!

Thanks Lois!

Thursday, September 22, 2016

Teresa's framed squares

Teresa sent me this neutral colored quilt.  I knew I had to come up with something neat for those big blank squares. I really struggled coming up with ideas- especially for those double sashings. But I think what I ended up doing worked out really well.

I even have snapshots of how I did it! I first marked the center lines-both ways. I use a water soluble marker. I believe these squares were 10 inches squares from a layer cake to start with, so they are 9.5 here.  So my lines were made at 4.75 inches.

To mark my points, I ended up making a cardboard template. A simple square was not going to work here because the marks in the corners are shorter than the horizontal and vertical ones. So I just lined up the lines on my template with the ones marked on my quilt and put dots all around on each point.  From there I freehanded the design starting from the center and hitting all my marks.

For the sashings, I made another cardboard template that was 1/4 of the length of the block to mark my two points from my center line that I already marked.

From there, it was ruler work down and back,
and down and back,
and down and back,
and down and back.
Then over and back, 
over and back....

Oh yeah, I also SID around each big square and 4-patch unit.

Enjoy your quilt Teresa! It's a keeper!

Tuesday, September 20, 2016

DGS- Homebase

Finally done! I was in charge of May's do.Good Stitches quilt for our Haven circle. This pattern is called 'Homebase' from Blossom Heart Quilts blog. I had the gals use grays, whites and a light and dark of a bright color for the diamonds.

quilting it was pretty fun too.

I considered adding a border, but ended up leaving it as is.

the frames matched up really well for how many different sewers were involved in this. Haven-ites are awesome that way!

I bound it with the same backing fabric. I had some experts help me with that decision.

I should add that my MIL also helped by hand stitching the binding on for me.  She was glad to do it and I was glad to have it completed that much quicker so I could send it on to Redeemed Ministries in Round Rock Texas. Many hands were involved with this awesome quilt. Thanks to all!

Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Katie's Drunkards Path- You've never seen one like this!

Katie made this amazing Drunkard's Path quilt using odd shaped curves and assembling them in a random fashion. She used quite a contrast of solid colors- bright red-orange and gray.

It took me a while to find the right 'orange' thread, but eventually settled on a coral. Gray was no problem- I have 3 shades of that on hand already.

I wanted to do 2 different textures and decided on a jaggedy/fire-y for the orange and pebbles for the gray.  I was thinking of lava fields perhaps?

My fingers.  For scale purposes.

A lot of the areas were connected, but there were a few "islands". I started by doing all the orange areas, then started from the top again with the gray.

The back.

The solid area of the back is pretty neat too.

Thanks for this unique one Katie. It was fun!

Monday, September 12, 2016

Blue Pinwheels

Norene made this simple blue pinwheel quilt. I decided to really go bold with the quilting on this one.

I used a royal blue thread so the quilting would really stand out in those white spaces.

I really like how it turned out. Although it was a little nerve-wracking- there's no hiding a little flub here and there with this!

a peek at the back.

Thanks Norene!

Thursday, September 8, 2016

Katie's snowball quilt

Katie made this amazing quilt with just one snowball block and some hand appliqued flowers sprinkled throughout. I love the color placement in this quilt!

I quilted an all-over pattern on this one except for the red flowers which I outlined and filled in petals in-between the red petals.

Thanks Katie!

Thursday, September 1, 2016

Butterfly strip piece

Katie made this awesome quilt which was made by strip piecing and hand appliqueing the large butterfly.

I dug the ruler out for this one, but kept it simple in the colored parts with just some swirls.

The center was fun to do too.

I love how this one turned out!
Thanks Katie!