Sunday, August 7, 2011

Redwork Table Runner

I found these antique redwork blocks at a fabric/garage sale a while back and knew my MIL would love them.  So they became a Christmas gift and she pieced them together into this tablerunner. 

Just simple meandering in a cream thread.

This was quilt #29.  I'm still working on quilt #30 and its week 32 so I've fallen a bit behind.  :(

I did have a couple of projects that I failed to get pictures of before they were given away.  One was another scrappy baby quilt.  This one was a lot like the others I've made here and here, but with pink blocks and a yellow block in the center; yellow binding; light yellow flannel back.  Project 2 was a simple apron for my MIL's birthday that happened to be a replica of one she she wears all the time and has about worn out. 

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Anonymous said...

Very pretty! Noreen loves red! ~ mom