Thursday, January 10, 2013

More Christmas gifts~ Kids smock and a snowman wallhanging

This might be my favorite thing I've made this Christmas!  It's a kids smock!  It cracks me up every time :)  It's for my nephew, and this is how his top teeth came in: baby fangs--right around Halloween too!  How cute is that?  Anyways, the green fabric is like umbrella fabric.  I scored it out of the remnant bin for about a dollar fifty.  The face is felt that is top stitched down.  The basic pattern shape I followed came from here.  And the monster face was inspired from these
And here is the back.  I just zig-zagged some ribbon onto the bias tape covered edges.  You'd never guess that my little smock model is very P.O'd in this picture.  Ooh he was mad! Which is why the previous picture is modeled by the floor instead. 
Alright, and now here's another handmade gift: a little wall quilt.  My friend Teresa has an embroidery machine and had made up this snowman.  Only she didn't want it anymore.  What?  Uh, yeah, I'll take that off your hands then, no problem!  So I pieced the rest of it together- improv style.  The flying geese units were actually left overs from a quilt I made loooong ago.  I only had 12 of them, so this is the arrangement I came up with.

Quilting him up was pretty fun. 

And I attempted a flange for the first time.  It's not perfect by any means, especially the corners.  I should have invested some time looking up how to actually do it correctly, but I just went for it.  Next time will be better :) 



Anonymous said...

Love the snowman! You are so creative! I might have to copy your idea. Teresa

Anonymous said...

Love the snowman wall hanging - especially hanging on my wall!! Thanks, Teresa & Jenny!