Friday, January 11, 2013

Signature Baby Quilt

I finished it!!  This special baby quilt for my little guy was over a year in the making. 
My MIL made these blocks and had everyone at my baby shower sign them.  Then they were given to me along with some extra fabric for me to piece together.  They sat in a sack for a long while until this fall when I finally got around to putting it all together. 
The original plan was to just put the brown dots as a final border and call it done.  But I guess I was too tired when I did the math and made the cuts, and cut them too wide.  I was 1 strip short!  Good thing I was with my Mom and Teresa who helped me figure out what to do! 
Put in cornerstones! 
Nope, still short. 
 Make another signature block!
Nope, still short. 
Make another one!
Mmm, still short! 
Add strips on both sides of the blocks! 
Hey!  I think we've got it!
It was quite the brainstorming effort, but I really love how it turned out.  Especially the fussy cut animals in the corners.  And thanks Teresa for the perfect coordinating fabric!
I got a little sentimental in the last few passes of quilting and added a few words. 
(it says "our son")
I got a little fancy and actually put some effort in putting the back together.  The orange was just a few inches short.  Normally I would have trimmed some off the side and added it to the bottom, but I decided to make it a little more special for my little guy.  I thought cutting out all those 2.5 inch squares would take me a while, but I had them done in no time! 
I finished it in time for his 1st Birthday.  It's fun to read everyone's messages and signatures.  It truly is a labor of love! 


Connie said...

What a precious quilt with all the signatures on it. Congrats on a beautiful finish. Thanks for sharing.
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Sarah Craig said...

That is an amazing quilt - what a great idea for a shower gift! Whoop whoop!!

Susie at ProsperityStuff said...

What. A. Treasure! That's awesome! I love the signature idea, and the quilt turned out beautifully! Nice work!

Jan Pearson said...

Would love to know how you made the blocks. Great idea for a baby shower!! Please let me know new to quilting. Marykay260@yahoo.com