Monday, January 14, 2013

Last of the Christmas gifts!

This is the last handmade Christmas gift post.  I promise!
Amy from A Quilting Sheep had a give-away for the pattern plus a little kit for this adorable little coin purse.  And I WON!  I never win!  I said that if I won I would make it for a Christmas gift, and although I had second thoughts (Hmm...I could keep it for myself, noone would ever know...), I held true to my word.  I made it for my sister.  I had a hard time deciding which fabrics to use and went with the funkiest choice.  She liked it :) She's a funky lady.
Say ahhhhhh.
And then there's these two.  Oh the cuteness!  You may or may not recall the reindeer pillows I made last year.  Well, we've had a couple more additions to the family since then (including my own) and had to make sure no one was left out of the reindeer pillow cuteness. 
I opted to write the name and year with fabric marker instead of quilting it.  It's just as quick, easier to do, and just looks better I think. 
It's made from the hand and foot prints of your little one- in case you couldn't tell.  You can find the tutorial here.  By far the hardest part is getting your squirmy baby to hold still long enough to trace his hands and foot.  It's kinda impossible really.  If you can get enough traced to get the general size of things, you can kind of draw in and adjust the fingers as necessary. :)  No one will ever know.
I had to share the fabric for the back.  Loove it!
And last but not least were these two Christmas card holders.  They were for my Grandmas.  I had to tell them what they were; apparently it was not very obvious they were for Christmas cards.  But they sewed up pretty quickly.  If I were to do it again I would piece a block or something for the tippy-top.  But this was a last minute type of project and I was in too much of a hurry to think up what to do other than just quilt it up.  I had to snap this pic before the binding was all sewn down on the one.  I saved that for the car ride.  :) 
And that wraps up the handmade Christmas gifts!  Phew!  I did quite a bit.  Lots of fun little projects that perhaps might inspire you for your next gift-giving experience. 

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Connie said...

What wonderful Christmas gifts! I wanted to make the moose appliques for my granddaughters but it didn't happen this year. Thanks for sharing.
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