Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Jessica's been busy...Part II

This one ended up being my favorite. 
I quilted the same heart/loop motif in each block and in the pieced borders a curly-Q vine with a few hearts here and there.  The block design is from Eva Larkin's "Free Motion Quilting Made Easy: 186 Designs from 8 simple shapes" book.  Chuck full of ideas, that book! 
I don't like to do very much marking. It's just is too time consuming. And when you are a longarm quilter- time is money! And who wants to be that precise anyway?? OK, maybe award-winning quilters do... But I will sometimes mark a few guidelines when necessary. This block just needed a big X and then you are off and running. 
This quilt may look familiar to some of you.  Jessica made an identical one that I qulited last year, only this one is a bit bigger. 

 Lots of free-form feathers, swirls and leaves.
And last, but not least is this darling baby quilt. 
Swirls with sun-rays, a small row of circles and a row of crescent beads. 
Thanks for letting me quilt all your adorable quilts Jessica!


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~ mom

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Jenny, I love the quilting. Teresa