Thursday, April 18, 2013

Peg's Fred Fisherman Quilts

Peg made up these quilts using these hand appliqued Fred Fisherman blocks made by her husband's mother and grandmother.  They have been in a box for 60 years!

There were lots of them!  Enough to make 3 small quilts and a wallhanging.  

I had lots of fun quilting up these guys.  I made each one a little different- making the sky and the foreground a little different.  This guy is walking through rocks and grass with his fish on his pole.

And this one caught two!

And this poor guy came home empty-handed.  Or maybe he is just on his way to the fishing hole...

I really loved how these special quilts turned out.  Quilting on something so sentimental makes me a little nervous sometimes!  But I'm so glad that this UFO is finally able to come out of the closet and be enjoyed for many years to come!

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Anonymous said...

Jennie, I love seeing the quilts and your beautiful quilting. Teresa