Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Antique Embroidered Bunnies & Duckies

Norene found this quilt top in an antique shop and had me machine quilt it up. 

 It has some pretty adorable hand embroidered ducks and bunnies.  I quilted feathers all around and filled in the blocks with swooshes.
I'd say it turned out pretty darn cute!

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Baye said...

I love this quilt and really wanted to let you know. However, I had quite a time getting to post this comment from Bloglovin. I got a message that the blog didn't allow messages in some kind of frame--don't know what that means. I finally figured out that I had to hit a special link on that page to get to this page only to find the "prove you're not a robot" box. I do hope that I can get the words right so that this comment gets through. That's a lot of work just to let the blogger know you like their work. I'll be reading your blog but doubt that I will be commenting much. Thought you'd want to know.