Friday, June 28, 2013

Farm Quilt and June do.Good stitches

I haven't been doing too much quilting lately--I need quilts!  So naturally the blog has been neglected too.  Although I have several to share, I just haven't wanted to set aside time to get the posts up and ready to go.  We've just been busy doing summer things, as I'm sure most of us are and should be doing anyway!
Norene made this Farm Quilt--very similar to the one she made this spring.  This time I quilted it a little differently. 
I tried to carry out the cute/whimsical theme with the quilting.  I know it's hard to see- the quilting blends in so well, but I did giant lel's with an echo.  Or you could say its an lel ribbon...  And big bubbles in the smaller border. 

And I did double corner to corners in the setting squares and outlined the critters like I did in the last one. 
And here are my June blocks for my Haven group at do.Good stiches.  The block is called Antique Tile and you can find instructions for it here.  Goin' Dixie was the planner this time and went with orange and yellow with white background.  It will be a sunshiney quilt for sure!

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