Thursday, October 10, 2013

AQS Show- A tiny sampling

Here is just a itty bitty sampling of the amazing quilts from the Des Moines show.
This one was made and quilted by Judi Madsen of Green Fairy Quilts

Dimensional flowers

And here is Best In Show and her majesty Patricia Delaney.  She was so cute with her princess crown.  She bought it herself, it was not awarded to her in a large ceremony by last year's best in show winner all dolled up in evening gowns like I imagine in my head. 
I chatted with her a little bit about her amazing quilt.  It was inspired by a trip to Barcelona where she went to a market and saw a large booth selling nothing but eggs.  Huge ostrich eggs, tiny quail eggs, all kinds of eggs in every size and color.  She even showed me a picture of it on her phone. 

She pieced and quilted it all herself on her Viking home machine.  Each little strip is quilted individually and each ring a different design.  Teeny tiny designs.  And I didn't get a close up of the edge, but it is made of hundreds of loops of cording that she made herself.  So many little details in this quilt that made it stand out above the rest.  Congrats Patricia!


"When life gives you lemons" by Sara Sharp.  And I just checked the program and yep, those are prints from real lemons.
A Slice of Life by B.J. Titus

Down on the Farm by David Duwe.  The background fabric was made from a 1902 county atlas of Harper County Kansas

A Rose in Full Bloom by Rosalie Baker



Jean said...

It was a wonderful show...I loved every minute and most of the quilts!

Amy, a redeemed sheep said...

The Best in SHow quilt was such a stunner!! i was in awe of her work and talent...It was a great show!