Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Teresa's Alpine Wonder

Since I seem to be in the Christmas spirit around here, I thought I would share this one next.  Teresa made this really neat Alpine Wonder wallhanging.  It was a kit, I have seen them in a mail catalog before, but never in person.  It's a really striking pattern!
I had a lot of fun quilting this one. 

Doing the tree was my favorite part.
The sky was fun too.  I added a feather or two just because.  I think if i ever have the opportunity to do this one again, I might use a lighter thread for the sky.  A white or light gray perhaps?  But I think either way it turned out pretty cool.  Teresa is going to use this wallhanging to display pins she has collected during her travels--using the pins as ornaments.  What a neat idea!
P.S.  Can anyone tell me why I can only enlarge the first couple photos of my blog posts?  The little toolbar will not pop up for me at all!


Anonymous said...

Wow I just put the binding on the wall hanging and then I saw your blog. I love the quilting on my Alpine Wonder wall hanging. You did a great job. I would not change anything. Teresa

Jessica K said...

In keeping with the Holidays theme, I'm working on a Batik snowman quilt that hopefully I will have finished for the next quilt exchange :)