Friday, June 28, 2013

Farm Quilt and June do.Good stitches

I haven't been doing too much quilting lately--I need quilts!  So naturally the blog has been neglected too.  Although I have several to share, I just haven't wanted to set aside time to get the posts up and ready to go.  We've just been busy doing summer things, as I'm sure most of us are and should be doing anyway!
Norene made this Farm Quilt--very similar to the one she made this spring.  This time I quilted it a little differently. 
I tried to carry out the cute/whimsical theme with the quilting.  I know it's hard to see- the quilting blends in so well, but I did giant lel's with an echo.  Or you could say its an lel ribbon...  And big bubbles in the smaller border. 

And I did double corner to corners in the setting squares and outlined the critters like I did in the last one. 
And here are my June blocks for my Haven group at do.Good stiches.  The block is called Antique Tile and you can find instructions for it here.  Goin' Dixie was the planner this time and went with orange and yellow with white background.  It will be a sunshiney quilt for sure!

Thursday, June 20, 2013

Little Cooking Bunnies

Norene had me quilt up several of these little quilts--all made from this cute cooking bunnies fabric. 
Double C2C on this one.
This one might be my fave. 

I eye-balled the widths of the scalloped border for a more whimsical look. 
 This one was just a panel of the bunny stripe.  I really like how it turned out.
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Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Antique Embroidered Bunnies & Duckies

Norene found this quilt top in an antique shop and had me machine quilt it up. 

 It has some pretty adorable hand embroidered ducks and bunnies.  I quilted feathers all around and filled in the blocks with swooshes.
I'd say it turned out pretty darn cute!

Wednesday, June 5, 2013

WIP Wednesday

Jann made this throw quilt for a relative battling cancer.
Here is the back where you can see the quilting. 
And here is another project I've been working on.  I somehow ended up with several orphan blocks, odds and ends, left over bits and pieces from a few different people.  (Anyone recognize a block or two?)  It's very... uuhhh, unique?? 
I came across this Call for completed quilts for Quilts Beyond Borders a while back and decided to use these bits up for this charity.  I have never donated to them before, but how could you not want to after seeing the pictures of those happy kids with their quilts.  Anyway, they are in need of 500-600 completed quilts by July 12th!  They have a few recommendations on the size and require that you bind by machine.  See the link for more details.  I hope they make their quota!  depending on how quickly I can get my act together, I might make another...we'll see.

But here's the project I've really been working on.  A Christmas quilt!  It's a triple 4-patch using 1.5, 2.5, and 4.5 inch squares.  It's very scrappy.  And very addicting to work on.  When I should be doing a million other things,  this is what I gravitate to.  So far I have 36-8 inch blocks about done, but I still have a little more Christmas fabric left, so the plan is to keep cutting til it's all gone!
And I'll leave you with this shot of (get this!) and old shower curtain Norene had me quilt up into a table topper.  It was very satin-y and drapey and was concerned how well it would quilt up, but it turned out beautiful!
I am linking up to WIP Wednesday.  See what everyone else is up to!

Monday, June 3, 2013

Jane's Patriotic and Halloween Quilts

My Aunt Jane made these two small quilts and had me quilt them up for her.  This one is obviously very patriotic and scrappy.  I love it!

I quilted an all-over swirl and star design.  For some reason I had it in my head to make the stars the non-crossing-over way.  Which is a lot trickier to do let me tell ya. I thought they would be more visible this way, especially after echoing them too.
I noticed that sometimes here and there she used the wrong side of the fabric as a light.  That is a good trick Aunt Jane!
And here's her Halloween quilt!  Isn't it adorable?!
Naturally I thought of a feather spine for the borders, so I made it funky.  As for the center I made a swirl with spikes echoed around them. 

In the stars in the corners I quilted spider webs, but I failed to get a picture of it.  Argh!  Ah well,  Aunt Jane loved them both!  She sure has a lot of festive prints in her stash huh?