Sunday, February 9, 2014

Alligators and a Lilly Pulitzer quilt from Jessica


OK!  This is THEE LAST thing from 2013!!  I'm so behind on blogging.  ack!  This free pattern is from Sew Mama Sew.  I made my bodies a little bit longer than the pattern.  And the lighter alligator has the bigger zipper--I had a heck of a time getting that thing turned right-side-out!  I about gave up.  I ended up making my seam allowance shorter in order to get it flipped around.  So take note of that if you use a big zipper/big toothed alligator!  I would cut my fabric a bit more generous in the mouth area.  Anyways, one alligator I gave to my neice, the other went into my son's Christmas stocking.  They would be cute in an Easter basket too.

OK, moving on to 2014!  This one is from Jessica.  She has kept me pretty busy so far this year with her fun quilts.  She makes custom quilts upon request as well as keeps her Etsy shop well stocked.

This one is all Lilly Pulitzer fabrics.  I quilted all over swirls, leaves, and flowers in the pinwheels.  A double scallop in the small border, and a large LEL ribbon in the outer border.

It's hard to see much detail here, but these fabrics are so bright and cheery!

Oh, I almost forgot that I put hearts in the corners.  I don't usually quilt a lot of heart designs, but Pink borders will do that to me. :)

Thanks Jessica for having me quilt all your creations!  You can find her Etsy shop at Home in the Heartland.  Thanks readers for stopping by!

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Karen said...

I hope you're being paid well :) I looked at the prices.