Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Joyce's Dino and Pinwheel baby quilts

Joyce made these baby quilts--both to be donated to charitable auctions.  This first one is a cute dinosaur one.  I kept the quilting simple since it had some high loft batting.  A swirl-bump-bump in a light gray thread is what I did all over it.

Where's the elephant??
This quilt also made for a fun I-Spy game while it was in our care.  :)

Next up was this super cute pinwheel quilt with dimensional pinwheels.  

This one was a bit of a challenge! I ended up doing meandering around the pinwheels-being careful not to catch any of those edges.  Then I worked my way up into the yellow center to do a little spiral through all those seam layers.  For the sashings, I did a ribbon and circle in the cornerstones.

In the borders--a half feather and a row of circle-y loops.  I also put a flower in each white setting triangle around the edges.  Phew!  This is pretty fancy quilting for me.  I hope these quilts will bring in what they are worth, plus more!  

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