Monday, February 24, 2014

Junk Quilting for a Junk Quilt

Carol made this neat scrappy quilt using up a lot of her lights.  She called it another one of her "junk quilts"!  I was planning on doing an all-over with just a couple few design motifs, when I thought of doing 'junk quilting" and quilting a little bit of everything on it!  

And I mean EVERY. THING!  I did just about every design I could think of--a little bit of just about everything I have ever done on a quilt.  All kinds of flowers, feathers, and leaves, swirls, paisleys, pebbles, ribbons, butterflies, meandering...

...Plus several new things that I've been meaning to try out.  Like these simple little loop flowers.

And squared off feathers.  And things I've learned in classes like the loop/ribbon design in the bottom right from Sally Terry.

And this flower design I saw on some of Jenny Pedigo's quilting.  

All kinds of things!

I try to keep a little notebook by my computer to doodle quilting designs I come across that I want to try out.  So I was finally was able to try a bunch of them out on this quilt.  

Now, keep in mind that I wouldn't do this on just anyone's quilt.  I knew my customer would like this whole concept- she is THE most laid back and easy-going lady I know.  And she loved it!  She is going to enjoy finding all the little things I snuck in there.  And it was so much fun to quilt!  I think I will have to do this again, only on one of my own quilts.  If I ever get around to finishing anything! 

Thanks Carol for telling me to quilt whatever the heck I want on your quilts and then loving it every time!  I don't think she is calling this a 'junk quilt' anymore!


Amy, a redeemed sheep said...

I would love to have a quilt quilted like that! Very neat!

Katie Rock said...

Jen this is AWESOME!!! I love it too!