Monday, May 19, 2014

Zach's T-Shirt Quilt

Here we have a T-shirt quilt for a high school Grad: Zach.  Zach was very involved in several school and community activities, which shows in this quilt.  He is also attending a John Deere tech school in the fall, so there are plenty of tractors represented too!  Which my kiddo LOVED btw.  

My friend Sharon let me use her pounce pad tractor design.  It fit perfectly on this shirt.  I have never used one before, and it was so easy!  I don't have a pounce pad, so I had to use my chalk pencil and sketch along the design line.  Might have to look into getting some of these!

They used a high loft poly batting, so the quilting is really defined.  I like how my tractor tracks border worked out.  I have done it before, but had a hard time getting it to look good rounding the corner.  (you may be able to see in this quilt my son now owns.)  This time I decided to just stop at the seam line and start again in the other direction.  Much better.

I have quilted t-shirt quilts for his 2 older siblings where they displayed it at their graduation parties.  Only one more kid left!  I'm glad to have a little hand in this tradition.  Congrats Zach!

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