Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Double the Knit, double the fun!

My MIL had this quilt top that her mother had made loong ago out of my MIL's double knit maternity clothes from the 70's and early 80's.  Yeah, it's been around for a while :)  She was missing a few squares though, but luckily someone still had a grocery sack of double knit for her to use. 
She did a top stitch 1/4 inch around the edge of the quilt top, which really helped out with keeping it square as I quilted it.  This went from- just quilt it and see if it turns out- to being one of her favorite quilts!  And let me tell you, the definition you get with double knit is awesome! 

I used Hobbs 80/20 batting and she had a regular quilting cotton for the backing.  (which she also used for the binding too.)  I did try to avoid the corner seams, but only because my foot wasn't always high enough to clear it and would stretch and pull it around.  But the needle went right on through it all no problem.  No broken needles at all.  In fact I'm pretty sure I didn't even put in a new needle for this quilt.  I know lots of people will shake their fingers at me, but I hardly ever change my needle.  Only if it breaks or gets a bur on it.  Or if I'm having some major tension issues.  Which happens rarely.  But if it's not broken and working just fine, why fix it?
There's nothing my Nolting Fun Quilter can't do! 
(so far.  I probably just jinxed myself!)

Friday, October 25, 2013

Carol's Scrappy Red Quilt

Carol made this lovely red scrap quilt.  She said it's not a Christmas quilt, it just has a lot of red.

I did an all-over free motion spineless funky feather. 

I've been doing a lot of these feathers lately.  As you will soon see.  They seem to suit all kinds of quilts pretty well.  Plus it's fun to do. 
And here is the back. 
Red and green stripe with a hint of metallic gold.  But it's not a Christmas quilt.  ;)

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Teresa's Alpine Wonder

Since I seem to be in the Christmas spirit around here, I thought I would share this one next.  Teresa made this really neat Alpine Wonder wallhanging.  It was a kit, I have seen them in a mail catalog before, but never in person.  It's a really striking pattern!
I had a lot of fun quilting this one. 

Doing the tree was my favorite part.
The sky was fun too.  I added a feather or two just because.  I think if i ever have the opportunity to do this one again, I might use a lighter thread for the sky.  A white or light gray perhaps?  But I think either way it turned out pretty cool.  Teresa is going to use this wallhanging to display pins she has collected during her travels--using the pins as ornaments.  What a neat idea!
P.S.  Can anyone tell me why I can only enlarge the first couple photos of my blog posts?  The little toolbar will not pop up for me at all!

Friday, October 18, 2013

Meeeerry Christmas!

Do you remember my Christmas 4-patch project I started earlier this spring?  Well it's finally DONE!  And I mean not just the quilt top, but quilted, bound and labeled!  Whoo hoo! 

It's just a triple 4-patch block.  I used up a LOT of scraps.  Big and small scraps.  The first 4-patch is with 1.5" squares.  Then those are paired up with 2.5" squares.  And then 2 of those are paired up with 4.5" squares.  Pretty simple to do, but you do have to make sure that your little light squares are all going in the same direction. 
First I pulled all my Christmas scraps along with reds and greens that looked Christmas-y.  (I like traditional Christmas colors.  Mostly.)  Then I grabbed a piece of fabric and cut out all the 4.5" squares that I could out of it.  Then with what was left, I cut out as many 2.5 inch squares as I could.  Then whatever was left after that, I cut into as many 1.5 inch squares as I could.  By the time you do that, there isn't much usable fabric left.  So, you THROW IT OUT! 
There are several ways to arrange these blocks: zig-zag, diagonal lines, a maze... But I settled on the barn-raising design. 

The Barn-raising design is perfect for feathers, but it a pain in the you know where to quilt on the longarm.  Instead of doing one long continuous free-flowing feather, you have to break it up into little chunks at a time.  And you have to remember which direction your feathers are going.  Notice here where two feathers are going the same direction.  Oops.  Oh well.  :P  It's my quilt, and I'm leaving it that way!  It adds character.  ;)

I used a poly batting and flannel for the back.  It is going to be super warm and cozy when we are watching Christmas movies.  I got to try out my new binding clips for the first time on this one.  They are so nice!  No more hand cramps.  But my little munchkin also really likes them too.  He thinks its pretty fun to pull them off and leave them around the house.  So far all are accounted for!

One project finished, five more started!  This is my Countdown to Christmas QAL Advent calendar. I've been wanting to make an Advent calendar (even though my little guy is not even 2!) and when this qal came up, I had to jump in.  QAL's are perfect motivation to actually complete a project.  (Uhh, OK, well, my QCR QAL blocks are still waiting to be assembled, but at least the blocks are done!)  It MUST be done by Dec. 1!  Especially if I'm going to win one of several excellent prizes.  So far there are only about 30 participants, so I like those odds.  But feel free to join in!  You can start here.


Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Jessica's Dilly Dally Lily Pulitzer

Jessica made this super fun Dilly Dally quilt using Lily Pulitzer fabrics. 

I did an extra large "lel" in the outer border, a ribbon in the smaller border and the center I did flowers and swirls. 

I just love how this quilt turned out!  And before I even got this posted, she has already listed and sold it off her Etsy site.  That was quick!  She does have several more of "our" quilts listed though--if you'd like to have a peek. 

Thursday, October 10, 2013

AQS Show- A tiny sampling

Here is just a itty bitty sampling of the amazing quilts from the Des Moines show.
This one was made and quilted by Judi Madsen of Green Fairy Quilts

Dimensional flowers

And here is Best In Show and her majesty Patricia Delaney.  She was so cute with her princess crown.  She bought it herself, it was not awarded to her in a large ceremony by last year's best in show winner all dolled up in evening gowns like I imagine in my head. 
I chatted with her a little bit about her amazing quilt.  It was inspired by a trip to Barcelona where she went to a market and saw a large booth selling nothing but eggs.  Huge ostrich eggs, tiny quail eggs, all kinds of eggs in every size and color.  She even showed me a picture of it on her phone. 

She pieced and quilted it all herself on her Viking home machine.  Each little strip is quilted individually and each ring a different design.  Teeny tiny designs.  And I didn't get a close up of the edge, but it is made of hundreds of loops of cording that she made herself.  So many little details in this quilt that made it stand out above the rest.  Congrats Patricia!


"When life gives you lemons" by Sara Sharp.  And I just checked the program and yep, those are prints from real lemons.
A Slice of Life by B.J. Titus

Down on the Farm by David Duwe.  The background fabric was made from a 1902 county atlas of Harper County Kansas

A Rose in Full Bloom by Rosalie Baker


Saturday, October 5, 2013

My AQS Show Haul

Well, I survived another year of the AQS Quilt Show.  Or, maybe I should say: My pocket book survived another AQS Show.  Hee hee.  Here is what I brought back with me. 
Starting with the upper left is a new hobby (Just what I need, right?!)  I'm going to try--Needle punch.  Have you tried this?  It looks really easy to do, and you can make all kinds of things with them-- ornaments, pillows, or just frame them.  I think it would be really cute to turn your kid's artwork into a needle punch project.  I've got a lifetime supply of DMC floss that's just calling my name!
 I also got a few fabric samples, a Christmas charm pack- In from the cold by Kate Spain.  It's so cute and pretty at the same time.  I like how it's mostly red and greens.  I'm a traditional Christmas colors kinda girl.  But there is also light turquoise and grey colorways in there too.  I'm going to turn that and the rest of the Christmas fabric you see here into an Advent calender with the Countdown to Christmas Quilt-A-Long.  I've already made some progress with it! 
I picked up a few random fat quarters, binding clips, and a photo matte.  The idea with the photo matte is to put pictures of your quilts in there.  The frame I already have is a bit longer than the matte, but I'll just fill that in with more pictures.  Because what quilter has made only 6 quilts?  Uh, if you've been a quilter for a few years, I'll bet you have more than 6 quilts to your name.  Even if they are mostly baby quilts.  :P  I'll be sure to post a pic when I get it together.  But don't hold your breath!

My class with Sally Terry was fun.  This is my sample that I got to take home with me.  All the other classes I've taken didn't let you take your piece home.  So this was a nice surprise.  They didn't have backing fabric on our samples, so it quilted up kinda goofy, but I guess they save a lot on fabric that way.  It still worked well enough to get the hang of it.  We made birds, fish and butterflies.  And ginkgo leaves.  And other pretty things.

She signed my books.

And we all got a special certificate.

Oh, and I also got this infinity scarf.  It's so soft and pretty.  I'm excited to wear it.

And most importantly a roll of Hobbs 80/20 batting.  No shipping charge for this cowboy. 
Yee Haaaw!
I took some pics of some of the quilts, but that will be in another post.  The show was so much fun and inspiring.  I'm on a sewing high right now.  Soo many ideas and inspiration, so little time!