Monday, February 15, 2016

Quiet Books:: Flower Garden/Vase

Flower Garden/Vase

My next set of pages are 'Pick Flowers for the Vase'. I made one for each kid-three total. I didn't use a pattern for my greenery, I just starting snipping away at my green felt scraps and pinned them on, making sure to give plenty of space for 5 flowers.  I stitched my felt grass, stems and leaves on using some decorative stitches on my sewing machine.

The leaves I just did a decorative stitch down the center.  Perfect for hiding a little trinket behind. I totally raided my Mom's massive button and bauble stash for this!

The ladybug patch used to be on my back-pack in high school!

Peek-a-boo little Angels!

And here are my 3 vases, all sitting on a table with tablecloth in a wallpapered room.  My flowers are a bit over-sized I think, but I guess it just makes for a very full bouquet!

Boy there was a lot of hand sewing on these!

30 buttons
6 dragonflies
3 hidden angels
1 ladybug, 1 kitty and 1 ribbon flower

The flowers are just little quilt sandwiches- top, batting, and back fabric- that I stitched various flower shapes around the edges and cut out with either regular scissors, pinking shears, or I happen to have a scallop rotary cutter blade that I finally got to try out. Then I stitched a button hole in the centers.  Some flowers have the same fabric on the front and back, and some I made different.  More choices!

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