Friday, February 19, 2016

Quiet Books::Dress Up

Dress Up Doll

There are so many adorable quiet book pages with dress-up dolls. I had to do one! These were by far the most time consuming pages to do, but definitely the most fun!  I was inspired the most by Charla Anne's dolls and for the clothes, I liked this tutorial the best.  I liked how the clothes were simple, flat, and reversible.  Two-sided clothes means more clothing options!  Plus I wanted to use various fabrics and prints, not felt.

Once I drew out the pattern for the shirts, shorts, dresses, etc. I traced them onto fusible webbing and cut them out--just separating them, not cutting on the lines. Then you iron it onto the wrong side of your chosen fabric and cut it out.  Do the same for the backside version, then iron them together--fusible web to fusible web. It makes for a sturdier garment. I placed them inside a folded piece of paper when ironing them together to keep the glue from melting everywhere.  Then trim any excess bits off and ta daa!

These are the backs of the picture above.  I stitched the bits of ribbon onto the dress before I fused the other side to it. So much fun to rummage through my scraps, ribbons and trims, looking for fun clothing options!

I even made little sleeper jammies with some flannel and fleece scraps.  I drew the zipper and snap details with a fine tipped fabric marker.

The Boy.

While the girls got a couple adorable dresses this poor guy just got denim overalls. But they are my son's favorite.

The reverse.

One more girlie.

The dresser is just a pocket that I stitched drawers onto and added 6 buttons (drawer pulls).  I hand sewed a little snap in the middle to help keep the clothes from falling out.  I will say that I would make the dresser a little bit wider next time.  The jammies have a hard time getting jammed in there!

The yellow flowered fabric is from a dress I made as a 4-H project looong ago.  And it looked just like that, minus the orange ribbon.  Mom made me a dress out of the peach fabric when I was little too.  So they have a little re-creation version here.

The other sides. Sooo cute!!

Each doll has jeans/pants, shorts, tank top, short sleeved shirt, long sleeved shirt, and jammies.  The girls have a short sleeved and a sleeveless dress, and a skirt. I wanted to make a long sleeved dress, but didn't get to it.  The boy has his overalls. :)

I found one in-progress photo! He couldn't wait to get his hands on these guys.  He loves to put them in their 'party' clothes, then their work-jeans, then time for bed in their jammies. :)  He has already put in a request for some shoes...we'll see.

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Becki Petersen said...

Sooo cute! What fun picking out scraps to make the clothes!