Thursday, February 11, 2016

Quiet Books::Knock knock/tic tac toe

My next pages of my quiet books are "Knock Knock. Who's There?" and Tic Tac Toe.  I hit the jackpot of quiet book tutorials with this Riley Blake Designs blog post.  There is a whole bunch of super cute tutorials there.  I did a few of them, including these two.

kids can knock on the door and open it to see who or what is inside. The inside being the clear vinyl pocket. I stuck some random things from newspaper ads in there, but you can put in pictures of friends or family in there too.

I used the clear plastic from a pack of onesies or something.  I had to use my Iowa counties fabric for the background--that's home for us!

This one is my son's.

He picked out pictures of tractors and combines for his!  You can find the tutorial here.

The tic tac toe page was a must for the bigger kiddos. It was by far the easiest page to make.  Quick too.

I will say that it is worth the investment in getting Velcro dots that are meant to stick to fabric. They are more expensive, so I got the cheaper ones but didn't realize until I got home that they say they are not meant for fabric. But I used them anyway. so far they are holding up ok. Out of multiple pages on all 3 books I think ive had to glue 2 or 3 dots back on.

More pages to come!

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