Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Quiet Books:: Tractor and Feed Wagon

Tractor and Feed Wagon Quiet Book Page

My son LOVES tractors and all kinds of machinery, so I knew I had to have a page that included a tractor for him.  I designed my tractor from this example I found. 

I placed a snap in the center of each wheel so that they can spin. And added a few more on the rear wheel hub for decoration only. I was having a heck of a time with the snaps! The back wheel had three layers of felt that i was trying to get the tines through, (front and back of the black tires, and 1 yellow hub) plus two layers of fusible web. Hopefully you will have better luck and patience than I did with it. Eventually I got frustrated to the point where I slammed it on the table and had my Mom work on it!  (thanks Mom.)

I couldn't have a tractor without something for it to pull! I chose a feed wagon--a Knight just like daddy's to be exact. This page is my original design.

The spout folds down...

...And the feed folds out to the angus cattle.  I made do with a small strip of farm scene fabric and a couple other little bits to complete the scenery.  Needless to say my son is in love with this page!

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Jessica said...

These are SO cute, Jenny!